Saturday, June 16, 2012

The 2nd Defeat 

I have a mission for 2012, which is to make it come true that 70% of people in Pakse know "What is Phat Lao" in the end of this year. Because Laos is said that there are quite few Laos Food in Laos, I as one of ODOP members try to promote Laos fried noodle with Laos Black sticky rice as National Laos food. In doing so, it makes farmers income generation.

After I came back from Japan on 1st of June 2012, when I experience the 1st Defeat under the name of Laos Festival, we planed to open Phat Lao Restaurants in 80km from Pakse city on road-side-station(道の駅). I planed and looked for the manager of the restaurant and buy the material and talked to owner within 7days. And we went to the place as a 2weeks trial of 1st Phat Lao Restaurant with a big DREAM and HOPE. But........

1st day, Manager (his name is Van) and I bought vegetables in a market and take the needed material and stand at the back of truck and headed to the place. We were so excited to open the 1st Phat Lao Restaurant. We arrived there around 12am and start preparing,
at the time, a big bus came to the road side station, and 40 passenger (Thai tourist) going to KhonPhapeng water fall, came down to Toilet. But we were still preparing. and they have gone. Around 1 30PM we finished preparation, and wait for the next bus, wait and wait and wait... But no more bus came to the place.... Actually we didn't search where we can stay over night and around the place, where is no guest house..... and no cars to go back.....

2nd day, we set up at 8AM, and wait for the bus stop. 1st  big bus stops 9AM. Most of the Passengers is monk, so we can't sell them. 2nd bus came around 11AM, and we start cooking Phat Lao, and we shouted "this is Phat Lao shop". And 2,3 Thai passenger came to see our cooking, but still cooking and cooking. Just after bus left, we finished cooking Phat Lao........ 3rd bus came around 12AM, and we started cooking faster and faster, and a few people came to see again, but they are not interested. and the bus left again.... For lunch we ate two Rads...... and another bus came and we tried to sell, but we couldn't get their attention...... And we decided to go back around 3PM, but they said there is no bus going to pakse city..... And decided to hitchhike.... after two hours, we finally succeeded it going back. But in day 2 out ot 2 weeks trial period, we decided we don't open Phat Lao restaurant here.  at least have to wait for high season.

Honestly speaking, my will was almost broken because of 1st defeat on Laos festival in Tokyo and this 2nd defeat. I also started thinking if Phat Lao can be the famous. And I asked Van (manager) like this, "should we continue Phat Lao promotion?" and what he said is "Yes, just keep going".

I know I learn many things from this experience.
I know this is just a beginning of Phat Lao story.
I know continuous defeat makes me disappointed. 

But we never give up,
and we try to get one victory after 9 defeat.

Yes, Keep going

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  1. hey man, exciting story, keep struggling and always remember - japanese never give up! phat lao looks delicious, what is the difference to phat thai?